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The Ideal Washing Machines Reviewed For 2013 - Tips You Need To Know

As you go online and read about all the washing machines out in 2013, you'll see a reference for NSF or non-NSF rated machines. If you're in America, NSF stands for, National Sanitation Foundation, and is a label seen in the states. All this company does is independently test businesses and products and provide certifications. That's what NSF does. It's all about ensuring healthy and strict sanitation criteria and complying with certain guidelines. All this really means to the public is that they are getting a certified quality washing machine when they spend their money. You need to proceed at your own risk if you do not see the NSF certification.

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The clothing capacity of the Whirlpool WTW4850XQ, which is a top-loader, is just average - 3.4 cubic feet. Nevertheless, one area that Whirlpool does excel in is noise reduction. One feature people really appreciate in a washing machine is that it runs quietly, and this Whirlpool model does just that. Besides running quietly and having an average clothing capacity, another feature people are drawn to is its affordable price tag. The Whirlpool name is one most people are familiar with and trust. They know Whirlpool has manufactured quality washing machines for years. If you want a machine that gives you lots of options and features, be sure to take a look at the Whirlpool WTW4850XQ. You can choose from five water temperatures and three water levels plus much more. It's not just users that are impressed with Maytag washers but industry reviewers as well. And the Maytag MVWB850W comes through in stellar fashion with very high scores. This particular washer comes in black, white, red, and silver. You can tell that Maytag took great care in designing the user interface control area, as it's got an excellent and practical lay out. Its tempered glass lid is very stylish, and this is what makes a lot of people decide to buy the washer. A top-loader, the Maytag MVWB850W is equipped with an impressive 14-cycle count and capacity of 4.0 cubic feet. The Maytag MVWB850W also sports the Energy Star logo, which makes it an energy saving machine.

The LG WM2240CW has a slightly bigger capacity than the previous two washers mentioned. This front-loading washer has 3.7 cubic feet load but only 7 cycles. You can tell by the way this washer looks that LG spent some time designing it and making sure it looks attractive. It also bests some of the washers available. Of course this is has an Energy Star rating for power savings and economy. For those who may like this feature, when the washing cycle is done you'll hear a nice little chime tune. Similar to other washers, the LG WM2240CW has a stainless steel tub.

It's important that you take shopping for a new washer seriously. A washing machine is a major home appliance. Also, be aware that the better washers are not inexpensive. It's a good investment and when you take your time to shop around and do your research, you can look forward to enjoying the cost savings for many years.

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